Adding Closures (buttons, loops)

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  2. October 26, 2012 3:55 am

Adding Closures (buttons, loops)



String a short column of beads to form a shank so that the loop will fit underneath it. String the button, then pass back through the column of beads and into the beadwork. Weave through the bead work and column and button several times to reinforce. For 2-holed buttons, string a few beads on top of the button between the holes to protect the thread (Figure 1). With 4 holes, string beads between 2 of the holes, weave through the column of beads, then pass back up to exit the third hole. String 1 bead and pass through the middle of the first set of beads; string another bead and pass through the fourth hole (Figure 2).


At the other end of the beadwork, string enough beads to fit snug
around the button. Test the size of the loop before securing it, then
pass through it several times to reinforce (Figure 3). Add some design
fair while reinforcing the loop: string 1 bead, pass through 1 bead,
sting 1 bead, pass through 1 bead, etc. (Figure 4). Or, for a square-
stitched loop, string 1 bead and pass back through 1 bead and
through the bead just strung (Figure 5). Repeat all around, then pass
through all the added beads to reinforce the loop.


Source: Dustin Wedekind, Getting Started With Seed Beads

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