Beaded bags (square stitch)

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Beaded bags (square stitch)


You can use the same pattern on both sides of the bag.

When working the second side of the bag, turn the chart so it is worked upside down.

The Platypus chart is symmetrical, so when using square stitch you can turn your work after each row and still follow the pattern without any fancy

Work the last (57th) row of chart on one side of the bag only, this will allow you to attach the fringe at the bottom through the centre row of beads.

Note that the quantity of beads on the colour key is for one side of the bag only. You also require beads for the reverse side of the bag, the top fringe, bottom fringe and cord. When estimating the quantity of Delica beads required for a project, you get approximately 180 beads per gram.





Coats Dual Duty Plus Art. 260 in black for the beading thread #28 Tapestry Needle

TOP FRINGE is forty seven x 4 bead picots using black beads. You will need 188 Black beads.

BOTTOM STRAIGHT FRINGE is made up by stringing 25 Black beads with a four bead picot using Orange or Purple beads. Work forty seven. (chart on page 10). You will need 1175 Black and 188 Orange or Purple beads.

THE TWISTED CORD is 76 cm (30″) long. You will need 600 Black beads and 600 Orange or Purple beads.

Cut two lengths of beading thread 72″ long. This will give you a double strand of thread for strength, and securely attach
thread to the top of the bag by running thread through the entire first row of beading. Make sure there are equal lengths of thread on each side. Thread the black beads and secure thread on the opposite side of bag, then thread the orange or purple beads and loosely twist this cord around the black beads before securing to the opposite side of bag.



Source: Jill Oxton’s Cross Stitch & Beading Issue No. 43

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