Brick Stitch Instructions

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Brick Stitch Instructions


Brick Stitch Instructions.
Brick Stitch

Ladder Stitch.
Use Ladder Stitch as a foundation for brick
stitch. Keep tension firm, but not tight or you
will find it difficult to catch up the thread when
working the second row.

You may need to turn the
ladder stitch row so that the
thread is in the correct position.

Brick Stitch
Diagram 1: The top row shows the
foundation row of ladder stitch. The second row
is brick stitch. At the beginning of every brick
stitch row always, pick up two beads, pass the
needle behind and then over the loop and back
down through the bead the thread is exiting, so
that the bead is hanging on a thread loop.
Continue by picking up one bead at a time,
making one stitch per loop and pulling thread

Brick stitch can be worked from right to left, or left to

Increase on the outside edge
Work ladder stitch to desired length. Ladder
stitch can be worked from left to right or right to left (Diagram 2).

Decrease on the outside edge
Weave thread back through the beads to get to
the desired position and commence the row
with two beads (Diagram 3).

It is easier if you commence a brick stitch
design at the widest point as you will not get a
reflection from the beads when working the
other side.
Source: Jill Oxton’s Cross Stitch & Beading Issue No. 65

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