Square Stitch Instructions continued

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Square Stitch Instructions continued

Starting & Finishing Off Threads 

The red lines show finishing off the thread and the black lines show starting a new thread. You will need to weave in and out of at least five beads to secure
the thread.
Avoid starting and finishing on the edges as this is where the thread builds up the quickest.



Shaping Edges

Here we have illustrated the basic methods for increasing and decreasing using square stitch. There are different variations on this and practice makes perfect, but it will not take long before increasing and decreasing become automatic.
Be careful of thread buildup in beads if you weave back and forth a lot.

Shaping Edges

Thread does not show on the edges using this method, except for single beads that are added at the top and bottom of the piece. This makes it suitable when square stitching a design using two different colours of Nymo D thread. Any single beads can be added using the second colour thread.
To simplify the diagrams, assume the chart below is worked in just one colour of bead. Diagram 1 shows the rows the increases were worked from.

STEP 1 — DIAG 1 Work the first bead on the next (green) row, adjacent to the end bead of the previous (pink) row
and then pick up two beads (green) and go back through the last two beads worked as shown in Diagram 1.

To make the increase beads sit properly, go back and work a square stitch through these beads. Now go back down and work
the rest of the row.



WHEN INCREASING BY MORE THAN ONE PAIR — Work the first pair as in Step 1 — Diag 1. WHEN INCREASING BY MORE THAN ONE PAIRWork the second and subsequent pair in the same manner (going through two sets of beads, then work a single square stitch in the last pair of beads added as in Step 2-Diag 2.


Work any increases on the bottom edge in a similar manner to that shown above.

Source: Jill Oxton’s Cross Stitch & Beading Issue No. 64

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